Water balance test

A comprehensive understanding of water unit network status,Each part water status,Find water balance and reasonable degree with water,Mining water potential,To strengthen the water management,Raise the level of water。

The leaking point positioning detection

Localization is a comprehensive and complicated work。For comprehensive utilization of the ground sound intensity and audio detection、Pipe sound intensity and pipe close audio sound intensity probe method, etc,Confirms the accuracy of leakage point location。

Water-saving city

Assist in accordance with the city《Housing urban and rural development About print and distribute the national development and reform commission《National water-saving city declaration and assessment method》And《National water-saving city evaluation criteria》The notice 》To declare

Water information management

In view of the present various measurement problems of the water intake process,Real-time online monitoring、Data query、Plan for water management and control functions,To promote sustainable utilization of water resources。

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