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    According to the provincial party committee、Construction of the provincial government on the overall deployment of the national independent innovation demonstration zone in the south of jiangsu,Since this year,Yixing closely rely on ring park as the core region of propulsion demonstration area construction,The first reference、Study and establish related to promote independent innovation policy Suggestions,Improve the carrier platform construction、The advance of science and technology investment、To promote transformation and upgrading of industry、Strengthen the industry brand shaping,Positive first try first,Phased achievements have been made in the demonstration area construction。At present,The park has attracted all kinds of high-level personnel560More than 1,Corporate r&d agencies at various levels273Home,Gather high-level entrepreneurial talent, led by founded start-ups53A,Is implementing industrial projects of scientific and technological achievements360A number of。

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      Jiangsu tianma environmental protection science and technology group co., LTD,Yixing city tianma environmental protection engineering design institute,Is a large yixing environmental protection enterprise,Yixing environmental governance association,Environmental engineering is set,Design、Manufacturing、Installation debugging through-train service enterprises,And passed......

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    Reverse osmosis series
    Chlorine dioxide generator
    GZGSteel self-cleaning high-efficiency filter
    Activated carbon filter
    Acid、Alkali storage tank、Metering box、The water tank
    GJXUniflow mechanical filter
    Ion exchanger of Yin and Yang
    LTZSeries of gravity type automatic manual new three-dimensional integrated water purifier
    LQFUnified air flotation equipment
    Sewage treatment equipment
    Rotary solid liquid separator
    Belt press filter
    Siphoning type suction dredge