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“The village by China enterprise confederation”Under the call of the state science and technology in the city, carry out precise poverty alleviation activities
“The village by China enterprise confederation”The state science and technology in the city of number...10Month17Day is the first in our country5A day for poverty alleviation,Is also the first26An international day to alleviate poverty。It is today,On the occasion of arrival of poverty alleviation, and the double ninth festival have both,State science and technology company sent two employees generation...2018-10-22
The core product
Flame retardant high voltage electrolyte
This product is the basic raw material preparation containing fluorine surfactant。By its special surfactants containing fluorine preparation,Widely used in textile、Leather、Paper making、Ore dressing、Pesticides、Electroplating、Oil recovery、The fire...
Ordinary high voltage electrolyte
This product is suitable for high temperature performance of electrolyte,Can improve the battery under the high temperature baking,Capacity in good rate,Internal resistance size changed a little,Suitable for mobile phone lithium ion batteries。
Fluorine generation of phosphorus compounds
It is mainly used for lithium ion battery electrolyte,As additives,Enhance the electrolyte in the harsh external environmental conditions(The high temperature、The impact, etc)Incombustible,A substantial increase in lithium ion battery in use...
State advantage
Research and development center
Companies in the lithium battery electrolyte based new energy materials,Pays attention to the development of the product;At present, the company has two research and development center:Hubei state lithium battery technology center、In hubei province...
Patent results
Companies in the lithium battery electrolyte based new energy materials,Pays attention to the research and development of the product。Now the company has⼆Two research and development center,Has applied for12Patents,There is6Items...
The technical team
2013Years6In company with huazhong science and technology⼤University jointly established the lithium battery engineering technology center,Technology center expert group leader by a number of well-known scientists yun-hui huang as in the lithium electricity industry,Research...
The partner
Companies with huazhong university of science and technology and hubei university set up respectively“Hubei state lithium battery technology center”And“Containing fluorine meticulous chemicals research and development center in hubei province”。
Allies support
2015Years1Month,Company joint venture with jiangsu jiujiu long technology co., LTD. Was established in hubei province nine states new energy technology co., LTD。
The sustainable development
Company Enoch state science and technology park as a production base,The third phase of construction and put into operation will give priority to with electric car production of lithium ion power battery、Energy storage battery and related new energy products,To build new...