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Mianyang JiuSan technology co., LTD. Is an enterprise with independent intellectual property rights,The company set research and development、Production、The sale is a body。Production factory is located in mianyang city second ring road building in the village4Club(The phoenix interchange),Covers an area of25m,Mainly engaged in with cement foam fire door core board and building heat preservation sound insulation materials research and development、Production and sales work,In addition to production of related products,The company also provides complete energy conservation and environmental protection products service solutions。JiuSan technology currently has5The utility model patents,4Invention patent,Is establishing patent cluster mainly inorganic insulation heat preservation materials。Company's products to cement、Fly ash、Fiber、Dry powder material as the main raw material, etc,Through the foaming processing maintenance after curing,With more closed pore structure of the inorganic foam hard material,Through formula control and further processing,Can form the walls and roof insulation sound insulation material series、Fire door core board series materials、Sound insulation products filler material series、Decoration materials series,Meet the market demand。JiuSan technology at the core of the leading domestic technology,Effectively reduce the production cost,Make full use of national renewable resources,In line with national sustainable development policy,Environment friendly,Application prospect。


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Insulation curtains

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Cement base fire insulation board
Cement base fire door core board
Form a complete set of production line and the patent technology transfer
Noise insulation curtains
Sound insulation sound-absorbing materials and installation
Heat preservation sound insulation decoration plate
More specifications of cement base fire insulation board