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Weihai three rubber machinery co., LTD
Address:China's shandong province weihai city warm springs mouth
         Industrial park
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Company profile
      Weihai three rubber machinery co., LTDFounded in2001Years4Month,Restructuring of state-owned enterprises,Is currently one of the largest supplier of rubber machinery specialized in the production of domestic。Company is located in the beautiful coastal city-Weihai,Total assets8000Ten thousand yuan,The existing staff186People。Company's main products are rubber machinery,Mainly for the triangle group、Solid pearl chengshan group and other large and medium-sized tire enterprises at home and abroad as supplementary equipment...
Leader delivered a speech
      Time flies,The three of today's already passed more than 50 spring and autumn period,And become the world's largest rubber machinery manufacturing enterprises。 Three sides have achieved remarkable results,Is the social from all walks of life at all levels leadership and friends more than 50 years to concern and support the result of the development of the three parties,All three parties are transformed、The crystallization of the struggle,Embodies the wisdom and sweat,Worth all the three people gratified and proud,And continue to strive for it。  In this era full of opportunities and challenges,We will continue to adhere to“The pursuit of excellence,Contributing to society”Business enterprise aim,Unswervingly pursues“Honestly、The letter、Is、A”The management idea,Work together,High spirit,Walk the line,The three of the cause to broader heaven and earth,For the industry revitalization、National prosperity and national prosperity to make due contributions!