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About us

About usAbout us

  Jingjiang honglei new materials co., LTD. Is a collection of scientific research、Production、Sales and technical services for the integration of professional adhesive manufacturer、Service providers,Its products can be widely used in metallurgy、Machinery、Electrons、A car、Railway、Electric power、Electrical appliances、The oil、Chemical and other industries of equipment parts of adhesive、Potting、Repair、Seal、Locking and plugging。The company has advanced production technology,High-quality staff and advanced management experience,Product quality has been deep。  The company would like to thank the support of numerous industrial customers for many years and help,And continue with high quality products、Reasonable price、Quick and thoughtful service,Help customers to solve in the design、Manufacturing、Maintenance encountered in the process of all kinds of adhesive sealing problems。Friends from all walks of life to visit, such as our enthusiasm、Guidance、Business negotiations。 ...

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Product center

A product profile of the company>Adhesive technology indicators noun explanation>Adhesive viscosity properties>Adhesive application areas>Adhesive comprehensive characteristics>To view more

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News center

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