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Let the customer with good software management has always been our pursuit......

Software development

Want to customers want,Urgent urgent customers。In order to meet customers personalized information management needs,Long offers software custom development and software integration solutions,Truly realize the informationization management“On demand and system”。

New cuhk software

New cuhk accounting software has been upgraded to comprehensively2019The government accounting system,Realization of budget accounting and financial accounting moderately separation and combination of the parallel model of charge to an account,Fully meet the requirements of the government accounting system reform。

Ezsafe cloudERP

Ezsafe cloudERPIs the use of a new generation of software technology developmentWeb化ERPSystem,In addition to haveB/SThe structure of the installation、Easy to maintain、The characteristics of the mobile Internet,Light also has good bandwidth application experience。

MeiPing software

Industry management software,MeiPing as an expert。With the mouse,Will use MeiPing software。MeiPing software is management software enterprises of China。There are dozens of industry category MeiPing software,Many industry management needs。

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Long and software have been pushing deeper in the software and the Internet industry......

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